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14/01 2013

How to restart Windows 8 from an Remote Desktop Connection (RDP)

Here at Liquidstate, we have a home server running Windows 8.  It might seem like a simple thing, but today I drew a blank when trying to restart the server remotely from a Remote Desktop Connection (RDP).  If you try the normal routes, then the only option available to you is “Disconnect”.

The solution turned out to be remarkably simple:  go to the desktop and press Alt+F4.




You will then be presented with options to:

  • Disconnect
  • Sign Out
  • Shutdown
  • Restart

Hopefully that helps someone else!




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  1. Jeff S
    31/07 2013

    I forgot this, thank you!

  2. Scott B
    18/08 2013

    Thanks for posting, it helped me!

  3. Bogdan
    26/11 2013

    Thank you. Really useful

  4. Tom
    13/12 2013

    And here I thought the metro theme was supposed to be intuitive and graphical. This is old school. I guess it’s an improvement over hitting ‘Security’ and then the UP graphic on the shutdown button of Win 7. Thanks!

  5. Phil
    7/01 2014

    Thank you thank you thank you ;-)

  6. hank
    10/01 2014

    excellent thank you!

  7. sammy
    28/01 2014

    WOWO it took me a long time to find how to reboot, Thank you

  8. gwildu
    2/02 2014

    great post

  9. GT
    7/02 2014

    Thanks for posting.. Definitely worked, don’t how much time i would have wasted had I not stumbled upon this post

  10. Kyle
    13/02 2014

    yeesh… i wouldnt never thought to do that. Thanks guy!

  11. A
    7/03 2014

    Thank you so much for this! This is EXACTLY what I needed to force a reboot once I’d re-configured things on the remote machine.

  12. surferJoe
    24/03 2014

    wow You rock Man ! thanks … Hang 10!

  13. ruben
    1/04 2014

    quick ‘n’ simple ty

  14. namita
    11/04 2014

    thanks for sharing . it was helpful