The Liquidstate Lab contains a Dell PowerEdge 840 tower server with a DRAC 4/P lights-out card.  The DRAC card is great for remote administration, but unfortunately its firmware is now a little out of date.  When trying to open a console from a modern PC, you'll likely get an error:

"The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) currently installed is not supported. Please refer to the DRAC 4 User’s Guide for information on installing a supported version of the JVM.”

Thankfully, the solution is fairly straight-forward.  You just need to install the Java JRE 1.6 x86 32-bit and temporarily disable any more modern versions.  Here's how to go about doing that.

  • Download Java 6 JRE 32-bit from Oracle.
  • Open the 32-bit Java Control Applet by running C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\javacpl.exe.
  • Select the Java tab, then hit the View button and uncheck Enabled next to Platform 1.7 (leaving 1.6 enabled)
  • Close any Internet Explorer web browser sessions.
  • Open Internet Explorer (note that the DRAC only supports IE!)
  • Hit the Compatibility View button to the right of the Address Bar.
  • Enter the URL of your DRAC and login as normal (the default credentials are root/calvin)
  • When you open the console, you may get a few prompts to trust the Java applets and notifications that the applet would like to use an older version of Java.  If you get these then choose to use the latest version.

Hopefully that helps someone breathe new life into an old server!